ART Metal offers a wide range of materials used in all aspects of motorsports. These include suspension, roll bar, chassis, engine, gearbox and exhaust applications where strength, temperature and weight are important considerations in the design process.

Whether you are an F1 team or an enthusiast, our very experienced sales team makes ART Metal the ideal “one stop shop” for the supply of your materials.

For your vehicle structures (rollbars, chassis, frames, steering triangles …), our tubes and sheets in 15CDV6 or 25CD4, also used in aeronautics, comply with the regulations of the FIA and FFSA federations:

(page 35 of annexe J ).

For you gearbox components: our Titanium and special steels:

For your exhaust parts: Nickel alloys(Inconel ou Alloy 718 & 625) as well as Titanium T40 (Grade 2).

For the production of, complexe parts,chassis component,structural engine parts, hydraulic components: Magnesium AZ31B